4 months of mommyhood

After four months of being a first time mom all I can say is...WOW.
I had no idea. Delivery sucked. Recovery sucked. But meeting my little Olivia for the first time was the most amazing thing I've ever gone through. The first 4 months can be summed up as awesome, tiring, stressful, but most of all amazing, did I say that already? Olivia was born on December 28, 2010 at 7.45 PM. She was a little peanut at 6lbs 9oz with some huge feet. She's now big healthy girl at the 75 percentile. She loves to eat,which I am thankful for (after seeing a few of her friends not want to eat...frustrating!) play and be with mom and dad (and new nanny). She's awesome, changes every day and is SO much more fun now that we figured out her stomach issues.
We discovered her milk and soy allergy around 12 weeks....that was quite the challenge to overcome! She was very cranky for a while but now that milk and soy are out of my diet she is a very different baby! It's amazing what we went through for 3 months. I wish we would have known sooner. I'm thankful we even figured it out, i'm convinced most people don't.

This post was supposed to be about all the clothes I was to make her while on Maternity leave. Right. That never happened. In fact, nothing happened while on M leave. I fed her and slept, that was the extent I was able to do. If she wasn't eating or sleeping she was crying. (thank god for happiest baby on the block) Poor little bug. I felt terrible I didn't figure out the allergy sooner. Anyway! I'm going to try my hand at sewing sooner than later and I'll post those clothes soon!

Turns out daddy is a writer. He started a great blog for us as well!

Here she is!

Olivia with her CW Designs owl on! Happy girl in her Combi. She slept in that for MONTHS. Nothing could beat the vibration station.

Olivia with her cousin Maddie for the first time in Dallas.

This is still her cranky phase...can you tell by the look on her face?!

Loves bathtime!

Olivia on her first day with her (2nd) nanny! She loves her!