Our Baby Girls Nursery!

Jeremy, Lulu and I finally got around to getting our little ones nursery started Halloween weekend. I was so exhausted from the day before on our little Halloween excursion to Andersonville we decided to start the nursery on Halloween instead of going to our parade, which is outside our door...I was THAT tired. With the crazy parade going on outside those two windows we got it all ready with our little helpe, Lulu. It's been so much fun getting everything ready and this room is going great and we are so excited that in 6 weeks already we will have her here with us! We live in a one bedroom condo right now, so the baby's nursery is going to be in the dining room. I've been a little embarrassed about this, but what the hell, we, like most people, can't sell our condo so what are we supposed to do?! She'll be in our room with us for a little while but then it's off to the dining room she goes!

The owl designs I did a few months ago when we found out we were having a girl are on her burp cloths (on changing table) and her hamper. They are also on some of her onesies! They turned out great! We are not painting the room again so this green will have to stay for now. I would love for it to be gray to calm the room down a bit but I'll do gray curtains to help that along. We still have a few more finishing touches to do but can't seem to find the time to get around to it when I'm so tired on the weekends! Curtains, mattress and a partition are on the to do list.

The yellow dresser is my mothers old dresser we had refinished by Crystal at Chic Antique Chicago. She did a GREAT job, I love it!

Baby Sully is smiling already!
My baby is getting big at 34 weeks. She's now around 4.5 lbs and about 18 inches long already! We are so amazed that she's due already in 6 weeks on New Years Eve, we are SO very excited to meet her! I will also post her newest 3D ultra sound picture from 3 weeks ago at 31 weeks!
The top of her head looks a little crazy but it's only because she's really low in my tummy. Can't really get an ultrasound that low, but we were told many times how lucky we were to get these (and 45 other) amazing photos of her so late in the game when she's already so low.