It's the gene's

Recently Carol and I collaborated on an invitation suite and save the date that was inspired by one of my favorite artists, Mark Rothko. Today is birth date of Mark Rothko, so we thought it fitting to release an invitation based on his work. We plan on creating other works based on artists we love throughout the year, so keep your eye out. With Carol's help and encouragement, I have been teaching myself the Adobe Creative Suite and studying different artists and design concepts. One day, I caught the creative bug and went with it, this happens occasionally, just ask Carol about the time I went to Home Depot and made a lamp out of pipe, fittings, and scrap wood; I spent all weekend on it. It's in the genes...

Carol’s artistic talent is obvious and was born out of her mothers influence and challenges she faced as a child. The influence of art has manifested into a successful career as a graphic designer and painter. As a child, art was a lifeboat in a tumultuous sea that helped form her as an artist and a person. She has honed her talents over the years, and through her love and support she has inspired me to tap into my artistic side as well.

As it turns out, I too come from a family influenced by art. My moms side of the family is full of musicians, dancers, painters, sculptors, and craftsmen. Lacking formal training, much of their artistic talent was born out of necessity and self preservation, but it brought joy to what was often a loving but difficult childhood. Music was played, scraps of sheet metal were fashionedinto sculpture, canvases could be made of anything, and if you could make it with your hands, you did. In comparison I lead a sybaritic lifestyle growing up, perhaps the reason why my founding years were shaped to mere appreciation for art and literature and nothing more. My artistic talent peaked when I painted a rock red and blue as a paper weight for my dad on Fathers Day... Carol made me think differently.

Now later in life, and after watching my talented wife create and design beautiful works, I’ve decided to not only appreciate the work, but try my hand at design, something I never thought worthy or capable of doing. While I will never have the talent or proficiency of Carol, I know that it gives me a sense of pride when she says “that’s awesome” and that’s enough for me.

Please check out the new invitation suite and save the date below.