Martin Luther King and a Map of Civil Rights Landmarks

This Monday is Martin Luther King Day and we wanted to share a map we’ve been working the past few weeks. Our client, The Guest House at Graceland, contacted us about making a map of some of the most significant spots of the Civil Right Movement and it really forced me to reflect on the his life and contributions. As one of most pivotal characters in American history, Martin Luther King affected change and transformed hearts and minds through nonviolence. His message if delivered and handled any other way could have lead to civil war. He did not fight violence with violence or run away from the oppression, he turned the other cheek and stood his ground. Dr. King and his followers, through passive resistance, shed light on the violence people of color were suffering. It forced people to reconcile the hate and violence with their own conscience and faith. He trusted that his fellow man in time could not justify the bigotry, discrimination, assault, and murder. He also trusted in God’s providence, and ultimately gave his life for a greater good, not just for people of color, but for all of us. Dr. King is an important archetype of how to affect change and we would all be better off if we followed his example. I hope that you’ll join us and take a moment this weekend to read something about the Civil Rights Movement, Dr. King’s life, Rosa Park’s bravery, the patriotism of the Tuskegee Airmen, or the lives of countless souls that made our country better by opening our eyes to injustice.

Civil Rights Map for The Guest House at Graceland