Wedding Maps! A How-To.

Wedding maps are so versatile! They can be used as an invitation, save the date, accompany an itinerary, included in welcome bags, given as a gift… The options are really limitless. I’ve had maps on totes, napkins, drink holders, and on and on!

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Now as far as what can you include on your map? My answer is anything you want! I tell couples to think about the major spots and highlights of the wedding celebration and move on from there. Focus on the sites and events that are time sensitive or crucial to the ceremony and celebration. Always include and itinerary with your map and make sure at the very least the ceremony site, reception, and core hotels are included. From there think about adding the following:

Rehearsal dinner
Trolley/shuttle pickup
Gift opening
Day after breakfast spot
Bars and restaurants
Grocery stores
Shopping areas

Wedding celebrations really vary these days, so from the formal to the informal a wedding map and itinerary can play a major role in keeping guests informed, occupied, and on-time, freeing up your day to focus on you and your future spouse. Contact me if you want to start your journey to a stress-free wedding.

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