Connections Near and Far

Hi! I am Jeremy,  Carol's husband, and partner at CW Designs. I will be blogging on this site from time to time about new offerings, events, and things we think are cool. I  am just a small cog in the wheel of CW Designs, but I hope you find my posts interesting, informative, and mildly entertaining.

We recently joined the McKinney Chamber of Commerce and are so excited about the opportunities the chamber offers, the great people we have met so far, and getting more involved in our community. Carol and I are both fueled by interesting and creative people and there has been no shortage of that here in McKinney. We attended a recent gathering of local business owners and everyone was so helpful, gracious, and dedicated. We look forward to building more relationships with local vendors, clients, and making new friends along the way. I look forward to writing a future blog post about some of the clients and vendors we have recently worked with. One is a local letter press master, very cool.

On a not so local front, we had the opportunity to be part of a Twitter Q&A session moderated by Lisa of A Bride on a Budget (@abrideabudget). She runs a massively successful blog and website to help couples navigate the often costly waters of planning a wedding. We had a great time answering questions and sharing our thoughts on CW Designs past, present, and future. She wrote and awesome blog about CW Designs and Carol's work. The entry even got Carol a little misty eyed after she read it. Check out Lisa's site, and the blog entry from June 4, if you want to read her thought on CW Designs. Thanks again Lisa, it was a blast.

Carol and I have really been blessed to meet such cool people here in our new home town and hopefully one day we can meet in-person with some of the great people whose faces we've never seen but feel like we know.

Off to bed, it's been a long but productive day!