Design on a Dime

I wanted to show my latest endeavor. We have a new space and we needed something above the couch so this is my inspiration and my completed project!

I saw these on the fabulous discount website One Kings Lane only about 2 weeks ago. I loved so much and thought they would be awesome on our couch but I'm not in the market right for $2,000 pillows...

I don't care if i'm judged by this next comment ;) I watch Gossip Girl and always loved the huge Prada picture in the background in Lily's pent house suite foyer. The whole condo is decorated brilliantly glam but I like this large piece to calm it all down a bit.

Restoration Hardware has a few subway pieces that are similar but I didn't see these until today.

Of course, I don't have a penthouse suite in the upper east side nor do I want to invest in new pillows right now so I decided to make a scaled down/up more dramatic, personalized version of these things I've found.

I started with laying out the different places in my design program. I was actually planning on this, but decided it would be a job I couldn't take on since I like to have a painting finished in one day :) I'm all about instant gratification (and more recently with nearly one year old that would be almost impossible).

I decided to print on canvas to have a sharp clean look. I just got the finished piece Saturday morning and it turned out exactly the way I wanted it. I'm so excited. My finished piece is so much fun. I love how personal yet stylish it is. And what an amazing conversation piece!! I did, however, miss a couple of our favorite places but I'll put photos of the Running of the Bulls and other great adventures Jeremy and I have been on in the foyer right next to our home sweet home Chicago poster by our one and only Jenny Beorkrem. So now I still have this large canvas sitting in our dining room to be painted...What will it be next.