Baby Onesies!

Sometimes throwing any baby shower is so much more fun than throwing a party. We are welcoming our first Chicago friends' baby this weekend at her baby shower! We finally will have a baby to play with all the time! Can't wait :)

I love to do the really fun crafty projects for all of my parties. They turn into more fun than I could image. Last night I finally got around to finishing up the designs for the onesies I wanted to make for Gretchen. My boss gave me a tee-shirt press years and years ago and I never used it! Turns out it works like a charm and I can't wait to make more. I love doing these!

We have so much more fun stuff we are doing for the shower I can't wait to post it all!
Here they are!

Here we all are! Ready for baby Max to come.

We had ONE game at the shower. It was a fabulous madlib game. I designed large boards for the questions and answers!

The onesies I designed for Jim and Gretchen's Max.

Michelle ready to read the funny answers!

We also had fun gift bags with their showers logo on them with the shower poster!

These onesies I've designed for a couple of unborn twins! They don't know the sex yet and my friend couldn't find anything fun and trendy online for her new niece/nephew twins so I designed these and I love them! The wording for the alligator/crock will go on the butt of the onesie! SO stinking cute!!

Maddie and Carter are the older brother and sister of the new twins!