St Paul, Minnesota Wedding

I was excited when my Maid of Honor, Alicia, and her longtime boyfriend Josh got engaged on New Years Day 2008. I was hoping that she was going to ask me to design her wedding invitations since so many ideas were already flooding into my head for their fall wedding. When she finally asked me to create her invitations I was so excited.

She gave me total freedom to design her invites. When designing a wedding set I like to look at all aspects of the wedding, including: attire, flowers, centerpieces, and even jewelry. When I have a good grasp of the elements of the wedding, I work on a design that complements the color palate (I'm not really a fan of having everything match). Most of the time I come up with the color palate, but since Alicia has a great eye for color and is a clothing designer she is as good as anyone.

What you don't see here yet, is the plum outer envelope that I even haven't seen yet, which Alicia has put together herself. It'll look so great against the acid green, yellow and cream we've done on the invite, reply card and, of course, the oh so marvelous, map. Everything will pop nicely. I'll post that once I get a photo :)

Can't wait for Josh and Alicia's fall wedding coming two months from yesterday!

Alicia's Wedding Concept Sheet:

Wedding Map:

Wedding Map Back:

Formal Invite:

Wedding Reply postcard:

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