Jessica & Aaron's Malibu Wedding

We branded this entire wedding in beautiful pastel colors meant to reflect the gorgeous surroundings of Malibu. From a full invitation suite with map to can coolers and signature cocktail signage we customized everything for this celebration. Every element had a purpose meant to guild the guests and entice them as to what was to come.

Turns out Jessica and I have a little more in common! Now follow me here people, Jessica’s father is former professional golfer, Lanny Wadkins, who played in numerous British Opens in the 80’s! He played in the 1987 British Open that I attended with my brother and mom! I remember cheering on all the American and Scotish players (as I’m half Scottish, you know!) while there and having such a great time. Jessica was also there that same year cheering on her dad! While this years Open in in Northern Ireland, it is still just as beautiful as the Open Events I attended in Scotland.

One day soon we will bring our children to Scotland, hopefully during the British Open, to show them a beautiful country and my aunts and uncles that I miss so much.

Dani & Devin's Art Deco Wedding

Dani and Delvin’s Art Deco Wedding

I met Dani last year at the McKinney Bridal show with her bridesmaid and friends. We hit it off immediately, especially when she shared how fond she was of art deco. She fell in love with my “Gatsby” themed invitation suite and over the following months we worked on personalizing everything to make it something unique. We’ve become friends and I Iove her spunky personality and big heart. These photo’s she sent along are so beautiful, and made all the more stunning by how beautiful she is.

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White Art DecoMcDonald Wedding-115.jpg
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The Art of Living Beautifully Feature!

In an effort to meet the social media and branding needs of our client’s, a few months back we began offering animated maps. In this short time, we’ve seen developers and real estate agents use them to highlight new properties and couples share their wedding locations. The great thing about these maps is that they can be shared across all social media platforms and the engagement is a lot higher vs a standard image. Our goal is to energize your audience and to encourage interaction with your social media posts; that’s why we make sure your branding (we help with that too BTW) and look is captured in all our creations. We were included in the latest issue of The Art of Living Beautifully, a magazine dedicated to style, culture, and the history of McKinney, Texas. Lauren, the founder of the magazine, has a special publication dedicated to style, culture, beauty tips, cooking, and personal development. Her magazine has something for everyone! Check out the latest issue below and to see our new ANIMATED MAPS embedded in the magazine! How cool is that?

Jeremy & Carol

Malibu Wedding • Jessica & Aaron

We branded this entire wedding in beautiful pastel colors meant to reflect the gorgeous surroundings of Malibu. From a full invitation suite with map to can coolers and signature cocktail signage we customized everything for this celebration. Every element had a purpose and tied the entire event together so just by glancing a guest would know they were in the right spot.

Martin Luther King and a Map of Civil Rights Landmarks

This Monday is Martin Luther King Day and we wanted to share a map we’ve been working the past few weeks. Our client, The Guest House at Graceland, contacted us about making a map of some of the most significant spots of the Civil Right Movement and it really forced me to reflect on the his life and contributions.

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I think I spent a solid hour clicking back and forth over these amazing shots of my client’s wedding. How beautiful are these pictures? It really warms my heart when a client thinks enough of me to send pictures of their wedding day. Laura and her husband Lindsey, could not have looked happier! Photographer, Caroline Robert, of Sweet Caroline Photo, did an amazing job capturing their beautiful smiles and the amazing scenery. How beautiful do they look? She is simply gorgeous! Wow! She also sent along shots of all the custom creations I made.


I really worked to create a theme that could be carried throughout the wedding celebration. A custom color palette, monogram, and font can transform and bring order to any wedding. I look the wedding as an event that should have a true story and continuity throughout, capturing the importance of the occasion and the personality of the couple. Laura and Lindsay, nailed this wedding and their guests had an amazing time celebrating with them. Check out the wonderful vendor below that helped them pull together such an amazing wedding.

Laura met up for lunch a few weeks back in Dallas while she was in town and she couldn’t have been sweeter. She’s a successful salesperson for, an awesome resource for planning your next trip. Check out her bio HERE. She was so complimentary and really encouraged me to utilize my talents as a designer on an additional pathway I’ve been working on. I am so thankful for her, and others like her, that have taken their time to support me. I look forward to staying in touch and supporting one another. Thank you.


Grace Flowers:


Swept Away Events:


Photo: Caroline Roberts:


Venue: Mauna Kea Hotel:


Hair and Makeup: Mara McMichael


Coming of Age!

This Malibu B'nah Mitzvah invitation was one of the most fun and unique that I have created. I was so honored to be entrusted with such an important tradition in the Jewish faith. A B’nah Mitzvah is the plural of Bar Mitzvah, the tradition when children turn 13 and take on the responsibilities in the community and attend are obliged to attend religious services. This was a celebration of twins (a boy and girl). I worked to bring a balance for formality while attending to elements that pre-teens (or now teens) could appreciate.

The kids had a full weekend packed with activities and fun at the Gindling Hiltop Camp. I’m sure they had a blast! Unfortunately, the site was destroyed only a few weeks later in the California wildfires. I am glad we created a map to remember what the camp once looked like and I hope that they rebuild and make the camp even better than it looked.

Wedding Maps! A How-To.

A custom wedding map can be used to share all your information for your guests, keeping them on time, engaged, and ready to celebrate. You get to enjoy your day and focus on what’s important.

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A Guys Trip to Montana

Guys trips are great, but the details and memories start to fade over the years. Some memories you will never forget… A while back, we were contacted by a very supportive wife to create a poster that she could frame and give to her husband and friends to capture the highlights of their guys trip. Every 5 years these guys meet up to hit their favorite fishing spots and swap stories in Montana. It’s a really cool tradition. Carol worked very hard to make sure this map was masculine and whimsical at the same time. Check out the map and think about how you could use a map to remember your next family vacation or special trip.

Montanta Gold Frame Mockup.jpg
Montana Natasha Map Blog.jpg