This brand identity was created for real estate agent, Mary Jenkins. We focused on creating an identity that was sophisticated and warm while maintaining a high level of professionalism. The use of black, white, and gray conveys sophistication and professionalism, while the golden brown brings to mind trust.

Working with Carol at CW Designs is always a pleasure. Carol listened to my vision and delivered exactly what I was looking for. Clean, simple, quality business cards that not only look professional but feel amazing. I have gotten so many compliments from clients and associates after handing them a card. Carol has also designed several items for my team ‘Jessy Real Estate Team’ including fun advertisements like our Restaurant Map as well as City Maps. Every piece Carol designs is like a work of art and by using consistent design and color pallet, all the branded pieces work together to create a beautiful display.
— Mary Jenkins
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McKinney Mary 6x9 Post card Advert 2019_Map Front.png
McKinney Mary 6x9 Post card Advert 2019-02.png

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