NEW Wedding Invitation Poster Design

I saw a couple wedding posters that were pretty cool a few years ago and decided to try my own...After a couple months of tweaking and figuring it all out with the bride we came up with something perfect for this fishing, outdoorsy couple. I had a great time getting to know them and it came out perfect. I love it and can't wait to do more. Thank you Chelsea for your patience and time on this project!

Martha Stewart Knows Best!


Everyone needs a little help while at a wedding whether it be a new city or not. You are friends with the bride and groom, (let's hope) their likes are your likes & vise versa - so these handy maps help you find the couples (in-turn your new) favorite restaurants, bars, clubs and parks!

And don't forget to add it to your wedding website as well!

Chicago Marriage & Musical Celebration Wedding!

BJ and Liz are dear friends of Jeremy and mine so their map didn't need much direction from the bride and groom. They would rather have a concert at Schuba's (with Eddie Vedder) than a traditional wedding, so that's what they'll do! (minus Eddie, although I would bet BJ did try!) Liz is also pregnant so she had little time to get the invites out! So we got this finished within a week and get them into her invitations just in the knick of time for the invites to be mailed! Looking forward to this one!! This map features the wedding site, reception and a couple hotels downtown where their friends and family will be staying.