Jessica & Aaron's Malibu Wedding

We branded this entire wedding in beautiful pastel colors meant to reflect the gorgeous surroundings of Malibu. From a full invitation suite with map to can coolers and signature cocktail signage we customized everything for this celebration. Every element had a purpose meant to guild the guests and entice them as to what was to come.

Turns out Jessica and I have a little more in common! Now follow me here people, Jessica’s father is former professional golfer, Lanny Wadkins, who played in numerous British Opens in the 80’s! He played in the 1987 British Open that I attended with my brother and mom! I remember cheering on all the American and Scotish players (as I’m half Scottish, you know!) while there and having such a great time. Jessica was also there that same year cheering on her dad! While this years Open in in Northern Ireland, it is still just as beautiful as the Open Events I attended in Scotland.

One day soon we will bring our children to Scotland, hopefully during the British Open, to show them a beautiful country and my aunts and uncles that I miss so much.